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Cool Kids fees
frequently asked questions


Cool Little Kids, Cool Kids and Chilled

$150.00 including GST per session The cost covers parents and 1 child. Mandatory parent and child workbooks will be provided at an additional, once-off cost of $70 per set. Cancellation fees may apply when made within 2 days of the appointment date.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my child has anxiety?

In the first instance, you could contact one of our team to discuss whether your child has anxiety and qualifies for the programme.

What if my child is anxious about attending the programme?

It’s not uncommon for children (and parents) to be apprehensive about revealing the difficulties they are experiencing with anxiety. However, experience has shown that families can gain benefits from group sessions as it helps children to learn that others are ‘in the same boat’. Parents can learn from each other’s experiences.

Group work can be a lot of fun but, if for any reason you opt to do the programme as an individual family, the overall results are just as good.

How much time do I/we need to commit?

Cool Kids (ages 7-11) and Chilled (teenagers) comprise ​six to ten sessions of 60-90 minutes and are usually held after school. Initially, sessions run weekly.  Later on in the programme, sessions may be held a couple of weeks apart.  Cool Little Kids (ages 3-6) comprises six one-hour sessions. Across the suite of programmes, parents or caregivers need to spend at least 20 minutes every day completing practice tasks in order to gain the most benefit from the programme.

Do parents need to attend too?

A child won’t be accepted for a Cool Kids programme unless at least one (but preferably both) parents agree to attend the sessions. One of the reasons this programme is so successful is because parents are actively involved – and learn how to become a ‘coach’ for their child.

Sometimes it is appropriate for older children who attend the Chilled programme to attend without their parents. In this case some parent only sessions are held so they can support and coach their teenager.

Who can refer children and families to the programme?

We’re happy for anyone who feels that Cool Kids could be of assistance to a child or family they know to contact us in the first instance. This may include parents, grandparents or caregivers, medical professionals, schools or kindergartens, or other psychologists or therapists. We can provide information that can be passed on to the family so that they can make an informed choice.

What if we do the programme and it doesn’t work?

We are confident that there will always be a degree of behaviour change if parents and children attend every session and always do the practice tasks between sessions. The amount of behaviour change will depend on a number of factors including how severe the anxiety is, the motivation of the child and family to change, and the presence of other issues that make change difficult. There is a follow up meeting about 3 months after the final Cool Kids session to monitor progress and families are welcome to undertake the programme a second time. When issues are complex, some families have chosen to repeat the programme in order to reinforce what has been learned.