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Indigo provides assessments for children, adolescents and adults experiencing learning, behavioural, social and/or emotional difficulties which are impacting on their home, social, educational, or vocational lives.

In addition to assessments at our offices, we offer in-home assessments in many areas.

Who do we help?

At Indigo we work with a range of individuals who connect with the world differently. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Children and adolescents who are underachieving or experiencing difficulties reading, writing or mathematics.
  • Intellectually very able, talented, or gifted individuals.
  • Young adults needing special examination conditions e.g. reader support, use of a computer or scribe, and/or extra time at secondary or tertiary level.
  • Children, adolescents and adults experiencing difficulty with concentration, distractibility and restlessness.
  • Inattentive, dreamy individuals.
  • Children, adolescents or adults with poor communication and listening skills.
  • Children, adolescents and adults who are experiencing emotional, behavioural and social difficulties.

If appropriate and practically helpful, an assessment may result in a diagnosis or suggested diagnosis. ‘Labelling’ is however not our primary driver in all assessments, but rather our primary goal is to understand behaviour and find a way forward.

Assessment team

Emrie de Vaal

Emrie de Vaal

Registered Educational Psychologist

MEd with specialisation in Educational Psychology

Emrie is skilled in assessment and is an accredited facilitator of the Cool Kids anxiety programmes.

Heather Vickery

Heather Vickery

Registered Psychologist

MEd (Psych), PGDipEdPsych, DipTchg (NZ Trained Teacher)

Heather is an experienced assessor with an excellent understanding of how children learn. She is an accredited facilitator of the Cool Kids anxiety programmes.

Judy Selvarage

Dr Judy Selvaraj

Registered Educational Psychologist

PhD (Ed), MA (Hons, Psych), MEd (Hons), BA (Psych/Ed), Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education

Skilled in inclusive education and assessment, Judy is enthusiastic about reducing the barriers for those with learning challenges.

Frederik Kriek

Frederik Kriek

Registered Clinical Psychologist

BA (Hons), UP (Unisa), Masters degree in Clinical Psychology

Frederik is a psychologist who conducts cognitive, educational and psychological assessments. He further specialises in career guidance tailored to older students and adults.

Marta Turner

Marta Turner

Registered Psychologist

Masters degree in psychology

Marta specialises in working with children with learning difficulties and behavioural or emotional problems associated with them. She offers assessments in your home 

Prakash C Grover

Prakash Grover

Registered Psychologist and SLT

MA (Psy), MA (Soc), BSc (Speech and Hearing), PGDip Counselling

Prakash is skilled in assessing and supporting individuals with learning and behaviour difficulties and a member of the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association.

Aurelia Escoto-Kemp

Dr Aurelia Escoto-Kemp

Registered Educational Psychologist

PhD (Ed) MA (Psych), MEd (Ed Psych), PGDip (Ed Psych)

Aurelia offers cognitive, educational, and psychological assessments that identify an individual’s strengths and specific needs in order to promote best outcomes within their learning environment, and/or recommend Special Assessment Conditions for examinations. She offers consultancy services for parents and counselling services for children and adults.

Dr Marlize Malan van Rooyen

Dr Marlize Malan van Rooyen


PhD Educational Psychology; MEd Educational Psychology, BEd Hons Educational Psychology with specialisation in counselling, Postgraduate Certificate in Education, BSocSci Psychology

Marlize is passionate about helping young people flourish in their learning and development. She uses a resilience and well-being lens to identify and address academic and emotional barriers young people experience.

Not taking any new bookings until further notice. 

Angela Neville, Registered Educational Psychologist

Angela Neville

Registered Educational Psychologist

MEdPsych (First Class Honours), PGDipEdPsych, BEd (Teaching)

Angela is skilled in assessments for a wide range of ages and has an in-depth understanding of learning differences. She is also an accredited facilitator of the Cool Kids anxiety programmes. Angela offers assessments in your home as well as at her offices in Cambridge and Hibiscus Coast.


We are happy to accept referrals from anyone who feels that our services could be of assistance.

  • Parents or caregivers
  • Medical professionals and other professionals
  • Schools or kindergartens
  • RTLBs (Resource Teachers: Learning & Behaviour)
  • Therapists
  • Support agencies